Benefits of yellow dragon fruit

Benefits of yellow dragon fruit

Yellow Dragonfruit Quick Facts

Name: -                Yellow Dragonfruit

Scientific Name - Hylocereus megalanthus

Origin - Native to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela

Colors - Yellow

Shapes - Ovoid, tuberculate

Flesh colors -White

Taste -  Sweet

Yellow dragonfruit is endemic to colombia, bolivia, peru, venezuela and ecuador. In columbia, it's miles commercially cultivated to a limited quantity. Fruits are exported to canada and europe. Other unique cactus fruit crops that are sold as yellow pitaya are acanthocereus pitajaya, acanthocereus colombianus,  selenicereus megalanthus and hylocereus triangularis. In contrast to red dragon end result, yellow dragonfruit has thorns.

# stem

stems are procumbent, scandent or pendent. It's far 1. Five cm thick and produces aerial roots. Margins are undulating, white areoles and yellowish. Several hairs are seen on young growth.


# flower

flowers are funnel formed, nocturnal and 32-38 cm long. Pericarpel is ovoid or slightly globose. Tubercles are flattened and massive. Inner tepals are 10 cm lengthy and 3. Five cm extensive, broader and white. Stamens are numerous which might be inserted in two zones and is yellow.

# fruit

culmination are ovoid, spiny, tuberculate with yellow pores and skin. The pulp is white with black seeds in it. The pulp has first-rate and mildly sweet flavor.

# health blessings of yellow dragonfruit

01 detoxifies body

the fruit has excessive content of nutritional fiber that is beneficial for digestive device because it eliminates the pollution amassed in the frame. It also lighten workload of organs, liver and keeps best fitness. It's miles useful for pregnant girls and people with constipation problems. 

02 formation of rbcs

it has surprising amounts of iron which is crucial for the manufacturing of red blood cells and is helpful for people with anemia. The pregnant women should upload dragonfruit to the eating regimen because excessive volume of oxygen and nutrients are carried via crimson blood cells required to deliver to the fetus in the womb.

 03 cardiovascular health

dragonfruit is a exceptional source of mono-unsaturated fats as it lowers the probabilities of coronary heart troubles and high blood pressure via reducing horrific cholesterol levels and replenishes suitable stages.

 04 enhance immunity

it is a tremendous supply of antioxidants that enables to decrease cell damage being powerful at decreasing the chances of cancer and other health problems. It prevents free radical harm which could end result premature growing old and age related sicknesses. It includes 3 instances vitamin c than carrots. It assist the ability to put off heavy metals and other toxins, promotes recuperation of frame cells and improve the frame’s capability to address strain. 

05 lowers inflammation

seeds have omega-three fats which fight against fungal and bacterial infections and autoimmune diseases in organ systems. The anti-bacterial and fungal residences enhancements the white blood cells remember within the body that defends towards pollutants. It stimulates regeneration of cells which hastens recuperation of wounds and bruises. 

06 decorate splendor

the availability of antioxidants, vitamins, monounsaturated fat, enzymes, minerals and fiber is crucial to maintain average fitness and pores and skin fitness.


culinary makes use of

# the fruit is ate up uncooked.

# it is used to taste pastries and beverages.

# end result are transformed into wine or juice.

# vegetation are consumed or steeped as tea.

# the flesh is used to make jellies, jams and marmalades.

# add it to fruit salads.


devour on an empty belly inside the morning observed with consumption of plenty of water. It enhancements digestion and bowel move for detox.

facet consequences

# an excessive amount of intake of dragon fruit isn't always wholesome. The excessive content material of fructose is harmful for the health.

# whilst ate up in extra, it causes mild reddish urine and feces.

# its pores and skin is toxic.