What is special about pomegranates?

What is the benefits of pomegranate? 

Pomegranate Health Benefits - How to Cut and Eat.


hello everyone and welcome to another visa post today i'm going to be telling you all of the health benefits of the pomegranate fruit.just a little bit of background information on the pomegranate the pomegranate comes ,from the latin word. palm pome which means apple and granted also from the latin word that means seed so when you put it together it ,was ,like ,apple seed.

and it was called that because it looks like an apple because of the red color but it's full of seeds so you put that together and this is ,how ,we ,get the name. pomegranate one other interesting fact about the pomegranate is that. i'm pretty sure you've heard of the military term a grenade. you know that weapon that bomb that they throw and then it just splatters out well grenade gets its name from pomegranate .because.

take this as this pomegranate it's full of all these seeds and they just when you open it up they splatter all over the place it's kind of like an exploding fruit one other interesting ,fact ,is ,that ,ancient cultures. they used the pomegranate for dye to get that red color from the blossoms they would crush up the blossoms and they will use that for the red color ,to die various garments.

also the skin of the pomegranate was used to dye leather in a lot of ancient cultures as well also pomegranates are mentioned ,in the bible quite frequently.

if you read the story of how the tune of israel when they were going into the promise land and they spied out the land they found out that the promised land was full of. pomegranates so now let's get into a few of the health benefits of eating pomegranates pomegranates can help protect you against heart disease.

they do that by lowering your cholesterol levels the pomegranate acts as a blood thinner and it helps to get ,rid ,of ,any ,blood clocks.that may be forming in your arteries because the pomegranate thinks the blood if you may have a clot in your arteries it's gonna kind of break that down in.free it up a little bit to allow that blood to flow better throughout your arteries also as you get older and aged the walls of the arteries become hard.

and sometimes that can create blockage one good benefit of the pomegranate is that it has antioxidants that help to remove the hardness from ,the ,walls ,of the


arteries.therefore increasing the blood flow and allowing better circulation throughout the body being that the pomegranate helps with blood flow that increases.the oxygen that flows throughout your body and we know that you need that oxygen flowing throughout your body to make you ,alert ,to ,make ,you lively.if you're not getting any oxygen to the brain you know that can lead to death that can make you faint so the pomegranate helps to allow that oxygen to better flow.

through the body because it increases the blood flow within the artery the pomegranate also helps to lower high blood pressure one other benefit of eating the pomegranate is all of its anti inflammatory property.content of vitamin c all of the anti inflammatory properties help to reduce various cancers ,and ,also ,type ,two diabetes.that may form within the body also because the pomegranate reduces inflammation it's good at helping out with arthritis and other various forms of inflammation that the body may.

have and we know that inflammation leads to a whole lot of various diseases so we want to keep that inflammation in the body down and a pomegranate is a good choice to assist with .that.studies show that drinking pomegranate juice also helps to reduce the spread of cancerous cells within the prostate so it helps to fight prostate cancer also.the pomegranate and also has a high fiber content and we know that fruits and vegetables that have a high fiber content are good ,to help keep you regular.

and it helps you to go to the bathroom the way you're supposed to go also one cup of pomegranate seeds ,contains ,three grams of protein.that's right three grams of protein just from one cup of pomegranate seeds the pomegranate also helps to boost your immune system because of its high content in vitamin c.

and we know that a high content in vitamin c helps you to fight off the coal and other diseases or infections that may occur into the body the ,pomegranate ,is loaded with .vitamin.a e and c one other benefit of the pomegranate and this is for all the guys out there it helps with erectile dysfunction if you're dealing with .that.

health benefits from boosting up your immune system to improving blood circulation to helping out ,with ,blood clocks erectile dysfunction. nd also inflammation there are just many numerous benefits of the pomegranate so now what i'm going to do i'm going to ,show ,you an easy way.to crack open your pomegranate how to peel it and how to get all the seeds from a body here now i'm going to show you how to cut the pomegranate and open and how to make the best of it and get all ,the ,seeds ,about it here.


you're going to take your pomegranate and this side right here is t he site where the plant will bloom so this is where the flower ,actually ,came ,from ,the ,pomegranate. the other side was the stem where the pomegranate was connected to the tree.so get your knife and around the top of the bloom part this right here we're going to cut around.

around the crown of  it just like that kind of go around. all the way around a circle just like that. not so deep in there but just around enough .to to ,get ,in .there.so you can get your fingers up under there. now once we done that you gonna take the top. and ,you're ,just gonna.

pluck it off. just ,like that.and you can see the seeds in .there.i'm going to go around here just a .little.just ,a ,little more.so you can kind of see some of the ridges in here and ,we ,see ,is .exploding.just how ,i mentioned .how.the pomegranate and the grenade gets its name from the pomegranate because of the exploding of it. but when ,you do .that.

you'll notice that all pomegranates have these ridges around here there's about five ridges so the next step. is around each rich you'll actually see like the rich separates the sections but around each rich. you're going to slightly. go down it's ,the ,next ridge. slightly go down five different sections slightly go down and here's the next one.

we're going to go down.so now we went down each section of the pomegranate and then once you have it like that you're just gonna. crack it open.just ,like that.i have one i done earlier i cracked open.and here's the next one i just follow apart but this piece this membrane just pull that out. just ,like that.

and now we have it like this but i want to get all these seeds out so i'm going to show you an easy way to get the seeds out grab a bowl i'm just going to get a bowl that way.my seeds are not flying all over the place. i'm going to get a bowl and i'm going to get a spoon.

preferably a wooden spoon kind of works better. just put it over like this and you're going to hit it hit ,the pomegranate. and the seas are gonna come falling out. and this is where the bowl comes in handy. because. therwise you'll have a big mess going on. so look at it seeds are out. seas ,are ,basically out. i have this other one i'm going to do the same thing this is a bigger pomegranate ,has ,a lot more seeds.

but i'm just going to smack this one. ver my bowl. it would be good to wear an apron. that way the splatter. doesn't get all over .you. but these seas are flying everywhere now i understand why the french um.that word grenade comes from pomegranate. cause it's it it truly is an exploding fruit look.

take a look at that seeds are out so now if you look at the bow you'll see all my seeds in here but you see these membrane ,pieces ,the white pieces. we really don't want to eat those we just want to see so i'm going to show you an easy way to separate these ,white ,pieces ,from ,the seeds. it gets you so you can just take this bowl run some water in it i got my cup of water.

just going to pour. now when you look in see how. the membrane pieces float to the top and you can just skim off. all ,of that. you can put that away somewhere in a trash. to skim all that away.

all right so once you've removed the majority of those what we're gonna do now we're just going to pour out the water okay as you can see we pour it out the water. and now you're left with all these delicious pomegranate seeds. get you a spoon use your hand how do you want to do it uh put these in a juice ,or get the juice. it's up to you but i love to put these in a bowl and i get a spoon and i just jump away oh. it's so good i hope you enjoyed this read this article and i also hope you enjoy learning about the many benefits of the pomegranate .remember. Stay tuned with lkbly.com