black beauty tomatoes

 Black Beauty Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum This is a very unique tomato in a few ways.

Okay, so today's tomato review is going to be on the black beauty tomato.

All right, so let's take a closer look at the black beauty. Can see it's just an absolutely gorgeous tomato now. I had to take these tomatoes in early while they were still partly green, and the reason for that was is the plant was dying, and it was absolutely getting infested.

Stink bugs this year And ear wigs stink bugs, white flies, i mean, every kind of insect you could think of, so I had to get a monitor really quick. And I figured let me get them while they're still. Good and able to be eaten at least a couple of them. he's been sitting here for like two weeks, maybe two and a half weeks. I mean, they were literally sitting here forever trying to get these things to ripen because it was they're black, but underneath their green.

Okay, so you can see here underneath. it finally started getting a little orange. But before that. it was green. It just started recently turning orange. i mean, these things have been sitting out forever. I believe to ripe enough for me to be able to do a taste test on them. now i had i not picked them off the plant. these probably would have ripened black pretty much all the way around. you can see this is like a beef steak type tomato. and it's a black type of a beef steak tomato, which is a little different than any other black tomatoes.

but you could see the bottom, it's almost black all the way to the bottom of it now had it been on divine long enough and a little bit more sunlight. this tomato would have been full. Black all the way around it. Incredibly, it got black very easily with sunlight, even the lightest bit of sunlight. this tomato will turn black if this tomato.

Is sitting in the vines and there's leaves covering it. you just trim away the leaves around a tomato, let some direct sunlight come in at that tomato, and this tomato will surely turn black without any question. that's just a good look at it. it's a great look in tomato. trying to give you the best view i can of it and show you look how black that really is incredibly black.

I’ll probably open this one up, too. the others are starting to go bad on me like this one here is actually starting to go bad. you can see it's the fruit flies got in, Aaron. so I can't eat this, but I could still get the seed from it, but this one is still good and I cut it open, and that's what it looks like on the inside. as you can see. and that's the bottom. there's a lot of black on the bottom. but again i picked them early, and once you picked these. they might get a little bit black or after or off divine may be very slightly.

But that's pretty much it. it's not goanna keep turning black because I had put these in the sun afterwards to try to get them blackened for a few days here and there, and it didn't really pick up any more blackness now if that was on a vine, and i did that, it would have gotten black right underneath the. the tomato the whole thing would have been totally black, so we'll work on doing that next year. we'll try to get these tomatoes fully black next year.

But let's see. let's take a look at the insiders. now you can see that this tomato has definitely got some hybrid in it. and commercial aspect to it, but it's  an air loan. obviously, but it is a hybridized tomato. meeting that deceased were either genetically cross. like on a genetic level or it was hybridized through another tomato species, I believe this tomato was literally.

Genetically crossed, i believe that's what it was because this blackness isn't natural in a tomato. they had to somehow take that from either an eggplant or a blueberry. i think it was an eggplant. they got the black gene from the eggplant and they got it into the tomato. so it's not something that you can just hybridize, cross the flowers and you get no. this is something totally different, so you could see that in this tomato.

And you can see the skin up here where it's black around the edge. and I do see some wilding in here so that you do see some of that in there, but it kind of looks to me like the genetics that his tomato was extremely modified. this would be what you would call a genetically modified tomato. this would be it, but it's not a gmo monsanto genetically modified command. this is these are students, I believe. in the universities. I forgot what university it was, maybe university of Washington or something where they actually were able to do this.  it's now that it's the cats out of the bag, everybody's making black tomatoes now because now you can just hybridize this tomato with another tomato, and now you got a black cross, so everybody's hybridizing tomatoes because now those genes are already crossed. and it's already done so. this is what we're left with is dn products, so anyway. that's what it looks like. multiple chambers seas are firmly attached to the rhine. let's give this thing a bite tastes. interesting enough, it's very low on a tank and it's very low on the sweetness. it's actually quite watery and neutral flavor. there's really not much there. there is some tomato flavor.

And there is a little bit of tank, and it kind of carries a tomato over it, but it's very light. i would say twenty percent maximum on a tangy part. I’ll take another bite and see if my pallet adjusted, but. the interesting thing is it has a slight berry flavor to it, some kind of a Barry, let me take another bite. again, it's there's almost virtually no sweetness.

There’s more tank and sweetness, so if I’m saying twenty percent. maybe twenty five percent tang. sweetness is probably fifteen percent, it's almost not existent. it's all watery in between it, which is fine. there is a tomato taste that comes in afterwards. there is a nice after tomato taste to it, but it's not very strong. I’m gonna put salt on that one. and we'll take a bite at that and see if that taste any better with the salt but. there is a nice tomato after taste to it, which is nice.

But low in the sweetness kind of stangee, kind of water and neutral in flavor. or is it a good tomato after taste outside it out. I mean, but there is this berry flavor when you chew on a skin. it's a very interesting flavor to it. it's  hard to describe. it's some kind of a berry flavor. it doesn't taste like tomato. it tastes like a barrier.

The skin, specifically. when you chew on it for a little bit and it releases some kind of a flavor which is different than the tomato itself. an interesting thing you don't normally get that in the tomato. it's kind of an interesting contrast, but if you chew on that skin a little bit and you could kind of taste a little bit of an aftertaste of a barrier of some type, it's not that it's sweet. there's the essence of some kind of a berry, not a raspberry, and not really a blueberry, but maybe something going towards that area, definitely not raspberry. but there's something like that.

Weird kind of a flavor, it's not unpleasant, it's there. i just wan na mention. so we're goanna put a little salt on it. oh, yeah, you put the salt on that brings out tomato right to par.

You don't care about the sweetness that salt brings that tiny flavor right out to the surface, and then you can get a much better, stronger tomato flavor aftertaste after. do you have to have salt with this tomato, this tomato is definitely a.

It’s not your everyday salad. tomato, this is something you want to salt up, heat it in and oven put a little cheese on it, put some oregano and basil, and sprinkle out on it a little bit of olive oil and bake them in oven a little bit. loaded up with sea salt and just eat it like an ordered, just like that delicious with the sauce, absolutely delicious a very nice tomato definitely.

I definitely recommend it. yeah, the skins are a little bit strong on here. they're a little stronger than i would like, but it's not bad, I mean. just to grow a bunch of these black tomatoes like this and put these on your table.

it would be really interesting if somebody's like really into the color black like to everything they own is black, and they're you know, they always they wear black lipstick, black nail polish. and you're all into that golf, black looked, this would be the tomato for you. this would absolutely be the tomato for you, so very interesting tomato, I’m definitely goanna rate this tomato with two for look at appearance nostalgia, ah, it grew pretty good. it would have done a lot better head, and it gotten attacked.

by so many different insects and a cold weather started coming in. now it's warm and the diseases hit the planet really got taken out quick, but it did grow pretty good, and it was not a bad producer for what it went through and how it survived this summer. Did pretty good.  so I’m definitely goanna raise a two for not just nostalgia and a look with the growth of the tomato or the production of the tomato.

And the truth. you know, it definitely produced a true black tomato. there's no question on that. that is one hundred percent through black tomato. You can't go wrong with this one. this is definitely something you'd want to grow in your garden just for the looks of it, people will be looking like what is that? An eggplant. there's a real good conversation piece right here. See you again. Thanks guys.