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How are you guys? Have a healthy healthy day! probiotic technology that shows promise in the treatment of acne and i think i was probably one of the first dermatologists to even use the word micro biome start talking about the micro biome.

specifically as it relates to the skin way before it was sexy way before it was a trend definitely is a hot trend right now we're seeing the words prebiotics and probiotics pop up on. tons of our skincare products tons of beauty products so I will be sharing lots of information about that during this post and then i promise at the end i will share some of my favorite products that contain pre probiotic probiotic technology.

what is the micro biome so we have trillions of microscopic organisms primarily bacon that are living both in our gut and on our skin. so we have a gut micro biome and we have a skin micro biome now both are actually equally important when it comes to the health of our skin specifically in the gut.

The balance of backing is off it leads to something called leaky gut and we have some science suggesting that leaky gut an imbalance of bacon and the gut. is associated with the risk for certain diseases including things like obesity and diabetes and any inflammation in the gut leads to information on the skin so what we eat and maintaining a healthy micro biome in the gut is very very important.

This post is focusing more on the micro biome of the skin so the same thing holds true with the skin when the bounce of backing on the skin is off if it shifted then what can happen is that we can end up with something.

Called leaky skin and when you have that it trickers inflammation in the skin and that can actually manifest in a number of different ways so for some people it may show up as a chronic skin condition. like acne rosacea eczema p.s. oriasis but leaky skin that sort of imbalance of backing on the skin can also accelerate signs of. so that can lead to things like fine lines wrinkles loss of elasticity dilated pores so it's really critical to maintain ,a ,healthy skin micro biome.

ok so not surprisingly there is a ton of research right now going on in labs throughout the world looking at identifying prebiotic probiotic probiotic technologies how to restore. and repair the micro biome both for prescription drug topical medications that are going to potentially cure or eradicate certain skin conditions that people struggle from. or at least keep them under control but also in over the counter products cosmetic products skin care products we're seeing a lot of those come out even today but before we even go there before you start looking at.

adding either by live backing or ingredients that promote the growth of certain backing to your skin care you want to be really careful not to wipe out the good bugs that you already have. so one of the best ways to preserve and support your micro biome is that you want to be careful about your cleansing routine so you don't want to use a harsh cleanser so try to avoid ingredients.

Like s l s or s l e s sodium laurel sulphate it those are harsh sulphates they really strip your skin of natural ,oils that healthy bacon need. in order to thrive and survive you also want to be careful not to use any kind of cleansers or cleansing bars that have a high ph that are too alkaline so you really want to try to stay away. from alkaline types of soaps there are ways that you can test using a ph strip you can just order it online so swipe it against your wet bar of soap and see if.

to alkaline if it is keep it away from your skin that's not good for your micro biome you also want to ,start ,using ,your ,fingertips guys. throw away any of the brushes the loafers the buffs abrasive scrubs these are not good for your micro biome in fact you know clarisonic. gone out of business recently because there's more and more data partly because there's more and more data showing that our micro biome and maintaining our micro biome is really ,critical ,to our skin health.

And these sort of instruments that we thought were good for really getting that deep clean are actually doing more harm than good I’m also not a fan of benzol peroxide i do recommend it under very. limited circumstances for certain patients who are really struggling with acne but benzyl peroxide it basically sort of wipes out all of the backing on your skin in a very non specific non targeted way I think that.

For your micro biome if you feel like you really rely on it if you really need it to help keep your acne under control because you can't use other ingredients that are not successful for you. then I do recommend following your benzyl peroxide use with a product that contains a prebiotic or probiotic technology. to try to replenish and restore some of your healthy good bugs in your micro biome i'm also not a fan of topical or oral antibiotics so that's something that a lot of dermatologists used to prescribe it used to be one of the cornerstone.


Of acne therapy you know we would prescribe clint of mice in i remember growing up and i used a product called us us and tea all the time on my face when I had a ,couple of blemishes. going through the latest teenage years but really i don't use i still break out every now and then and i don't ,use ,topical ,antibiotics on myself. rarely rarely if ever prescribe them for my patients because it does harm your micro biome and lead to antibiotic ,resistance ,and ,long ,term issues.

with your healthy micro biome okay so now that you've stopped wiping out your good bugs the next step is to consider adding probiotic ,technologies into your skincare routine. now guys these are not going to replace your vitamin c your alpha hydroxy acid your retinal okay so those ,are ,tried ,and ,true workhorses. but pre bags probiotics post biotics those are beautiful additions to your skin care routine specifically when it comes to repairing the skin. and allowing the skin barrier to recover so let's first just define a few terms because there's a lot of confusion out there because i think a lot of skincare ,brands ,are throwing the word.

So you guys might want to get a little bit more sophisticated a little ,more demanding. you know so that the brands are a little bit more transparent about what they're actually using so first of all pre biotics so pre biotics are like ,food ,for ,the ,good bugs. you can think about prebiotics like fertilizer ingredients they basically enrich the environment they really nourish and nurture a. a diverse group of different species of bacon so imagine if you try to plant a seed and you don't have really rich soil.

That plant is not going to grow or survive so pre biotics are amazing when it comes to skincare products um probiotics are the actual living organisms that are thought to confer a health ,benefit ,to ,the host. and those are a little tricky used in skincare specifically because it makes it very challenging to use preservatives preservatives guys i know it sounds scary but they're actually really important in skin care they're important for .preventing. contaminants and pathogens like bad bugs such as fungal organisms viruses bad bacon strap from growing in.

your skincare products so preservatives are actually really really important they're very good not all preservatives are great but you want to be carefully ,when ,you ,use ,clean ,preservatives. but preservatives are sort of what I consider like a necessary evil they're really important when it comes to skin care and if you're trying to use a ,probiotic a living. organism in a skincare product it makes it really hard to add a preservative because preservatives are meant to kill backing so it gets very complicated you know where you try to find a preservative that's going to allow.

To grow but it's not going to kill that one off but it's going to kill off the other potential contaminants you can see how that could get a little tricky. and in post ,biotics ,so ,post biotics. are not living but they are either metabolites or byproducts of the good backing or their ,pieces ,of bacon meaning.

pieces of d.n.a. pieces of a backing cell wall and interestingly post biotics can also have tremendous benefits for the skin so as of now. I’m kind of more of a fan of pre biotics and post biotics than i am of probiotics in skincare for a number of reasons and now for some of my favorite products that you know guys know I’m always testing out different products. and as you can imagine as soon as a company or a brand comes out with a product with some kind of a probiotic technology i get it in the mail so these are i've tested a lot of them these are ,some ,of ,my favorites.

Um so this one is by chorus it is a probiotic mask and it's made with greek yogurt and a microbiome technology. it is really thick and it's very very moisturizing so they say you can use it as a mask for like ten to fifteen minutes wash it off or you can leave it on overnight.

I find it's fine either way the only thing that i don't love about this is that it's got a pretty long inky list and if you guys ,can see that. a lot of ingredients and in there the last ingredient is parfum or fragrance in fact they say parfum fragrance that if you guys have heard me talk about that is a little bit of a peep of mine .because. that one word parfum or that one word fragrance can represent anywhere from twenty to one hundred different ingredients and those can be potential irritants or potential allergens so.

if you have really sensitive e skin or your sensitive certain fragrances and you want to try this mask I would say put it on and then wash it off because if you leave on a product. with a lot of fragrances it increases your risk of having a problem from those fragrances or this one's forty nine dollars okay this is a product that i've actually been recommending for a while if you guys follow me on social media it's.

Made by the brand glow biotics and it's called hydro glow cream oil so this one has a post biotic lysaght in it and it also has these sort of light reflecting minerals in it. And you always have to choose the best. Stay tuned to lkbly.com often to learn more again. Thanks.