Lasia spinosa health benefits



It is appropriate for liver situations. Due to the excessive prevalence of fibre, it offers an awesome movement. Lasia spinosa reduces unnecessary pollution in the intestines and is powerful for different problems within the intestines. The tuber reduces bleeding and is given after indigestion and diarrhea.

It increases urge for food and body weight, reduces urine output and burning sensation in the body. It additionally expels worms. Lasia spinosa is a spinous marshy herb which grows abundantly in Sri Lankan marshlands. It is cultivated as a vegetable in positive regions. Kohila is a stout, marshy plant with a creeping spiny rhizome. The soft leaves and rhizomes are used as a vegetable and are recommended for numerous sicknesses in Ayurvedic medication.

The gentle leaves and rhizomes are used as a vegetable and are endorsed for a whole lot of diseases in Ayurvedic medicinal drug.



18 kcal


2.1 g

Fat 0.2 g


2 g

Fiber 0.8 g

Ash zero.Eight g

Vitamin A 6383 IU

Vitamin B1 zero.92 mg

Vitamin B3 0.Ninety one mg

Vitamin C 23 mg

Calcium 14 mg

Phosphorus 11 mg