What is cochineal used for



What is cochineal used for

Cochineal, or carmine as it is generally regarded, is a crimson insect dye that has been used for centuries to dye textiles, pills, and cosmetics. In cosmetics, cochineal is used to dye lipstick, blush, and eye shadow.

The color made out of this cochineal dye is in reality stunning. It creates bright, ambitious and deep purple colors. But possibly the maximum beautiful part of this high-quality dye is where it originates. Cochineal pink dye is truly the result of harvesting insects.

Cochineal is sourced from the girl cochineal parasitic insect native to Mexico, Central and South America. Its beginning as a pink dye made from bugs has spanned centuries. In truth, before the Spanish arrived in Mexico inside the 1500s, the cochineal insect had already been in huge use as a dye by way of the local human beings of Oaxaca for centuries. It was the Spanish, however, that opened up the relaxation of the sector to this wonderful purple insect dye, and it nevertheless remains as a preference red dye to at the moment.

How This Red Insect Dye Works:

Here’s how it works: The cochineal insect is a sort of parasitic worm that latches onto prickly pear cacti (its host) for you to extract the sap. It’s then harvested from those cacti and dried out inside the sun. The cochineal itself is about the size of a lentil bean, but while masses of them are ground all the way down to a powder, and then finally combined with water, they release a stunning and intense scarlet pink dye.

Not simplest is cochineal often used inside the beauty and fabric industries, however it’s also a common dye used inside the meals industry as nicely. It is probably bad for business to jot down “worm juice” within the factor list, so corporations generally tend to do their pleasant to masks this aspect with extraordinary names. Just check your component list for those phrases: Carminic acid, carmine, crimson insect dye, or cochineal extract. As crazy as it sounds, cochineal is pretty a not unusual ingredient in many of these dais’s processed.


foods, and is maximum usually observed in gentle liquids, goodies, jell, yogurt and maraschino cherries.

Cochineal in Recent Times

In greater current instances, cochineal dye has become increasingly more famous as consumers started traumatic more “natural” colorings and flavorings in place of the petroleum and coal-tar based totally dyes which can be largely utilized in today’s cosmetics industry. Quite distinct from such dyes, carmine is natural and non-poisonous, and doesn’t include the harmful heavy metallic residues from synthetic colors like

Red forty and Red 2.

Many humans still herald cochineal as a herbal and renewable aid, and one this is surely more secure than the artificial stuff. But we at Axiology still choose to maintain our lipstick freed from each this purple insect dye and all artificial colorations and dyes. We are proud to proclaim that our lipsticks and cosmetics will usually be vegan. We comprehend that the cultivation and harvesting of insects for dye merchandise might be the remaining component concerning nowadays common patron, but it’s our technique at Axiology to be free of any use of animal products for cultured gain, no matter how small those critters might be. In truth, we have created a completely vegan actual red lipstick fittingly titled, True, which we are very proud of. Thanks for coming back.