why is my period late

 Why haven't I ovulated? 


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You have such control over your body and over the information that you have. The.  You are doing so well today so today you are answering the question what delays ovulation if you've ever wondered to yourself. why haven't I ovulate it or why is my period late then this post is for you we're talking about what might delay ovulation which therefore delays your period start or dive into all this here in just a second.

So stay to every Tuesday I make post relating to prepare pregnancy so we trying to conceive process period tracking,,cycle ,just ,basically feminine health. The post so if that interests you it will make sure to. Specifically relating to you and what you experience please pick up the phone and call your doc door i do want to say too that i made an entire post.

A brief overview of what ovulation is going to be up here somewhere after you watch this post make sure to head on over and check that one out. talk about what delays ovulation let's just scratch the surface or modulation is what is ovulation essentially it's when a mature egg ,is ,released from the ovary. down the Philippine tube and anxiously awaits to be fertilized by a firm when do I ovulate it's really difficult to pinpoint exactly.

when ovulation occurs because it's different from woman to woman and even different from cycle to cycle this is one of the big reasons why I ,wanted ,to ,start ,making post relating to this topic because there are ways and clues that our bodies give us when we are ovulating but as a general statement of when ovulation occurs it typically. happens about two weeks prior to your next period so if you start your period on October twenty eighth then more than likely you emulated around the time ,of ,October fourteenth.

But there is no perfect number I know that day fourteen is passed around a lot but that is.

it's not accurate most of the time for most women that's why it's so important to monitor both primary signs and secondary signs of fertility for instance population pain i just did an entire post on.

Paying what it is and all the details on that so if you want the scoop on that head on over to that post so what delays ovulation ,or ,what hinders population. before i dive into that i do want to talk about the three phases of the menstrual cycle because i think that will make it a little easier to understand what can possibly be delaying ovulation or delaying your period. the first of these three phases is the Filipino phase this starts on day one of your cycle so day one is the first day that you bleed the first day of your period and it goes all the way up until.

You actually ovulate so this is the period of time where the egg is maturing and it's getting prepared to be released the second phase is ovulation the adulatory phase. So this is when the egg is actually released this is when ovulation is occurring and the third phase is the louver phase this is when the lining of your uterus is preparing to either accept an embryo.

Or to shed its lining oh my god this wind is crazy phase one particular phase two ovulation phase three L’Oreal. what you need to know is phase two and three though ovulation and the ludicrous phase those are consistent typically the phase ,that ,is ,probably causing you.

You have a delayed ovulation or delayed period because you're full of ur phase those first days ,leading up to ovulation. one the Filipino phase is longer than your period comes later and ovulation comes later um your period is determined by when you ovulate so they kind of go hand in hand as far as being delayed or even being early. So now that we have that information now that we know that the molecular phase is the cause typically we can answer the ,question ,of ,what delays ovulation. evaluation is typically caused by hormonal imbalance and these imbalances can either be temporary or short term or they can be long term or chronic.


I guess would be another word for it so basically messages that tell your body to do something so in this particular case if you're concerned about your ovulation being late in your period being late. typically it's probably going to be due to some message that your body is sending to wait so first we're going to talk about some temporary causes of delayed population or a delayed period. the first is stress and there are so many things that can fall under this category good and bad so bad stress would be illness experiencing some sort ,of ,trauma ,physical or emotional. experiencing ,some ,extreme sadness.

if someone close to you or doesn't even have to be that extreme but something maybe that you take hard some positive things might be moving although it's stressful it's exciting and it's still considered ,a stress wedding same thing maybe you've got a new job you're excited that you're also nervous that all affects your hormones ,this ,stress ,affects ,the hormones.

That tell your body to ovulate another thing that would fall into the temporary category is breastfeeding so when you breastfeed there is a hormone called protactinium. is necessary for milk production so if you are producing milk then you're producing protactinium this hormone actually suppresses ovulation administration however i do want to say just for ,those ,of you that.

Have you ever heard this or getting this idea from this the shadowy is just birth control it's not an effective method but it can cause you to be delayed. ovulation for a very long time and therefore be delayed in starting your period and then I know i mentioned illness but illness is a pretty common cause ,of throwing off. off your cycle but again this is another type of stress so some long term issues that might cause you to ,be ,delayed ,in ,ovulation ,or.

To not ovulate or to be delayed in your period or to have. erratic period once again this is not a medical advice post so please see your doctor if you're concerned about any of these things so the ,first ,is ,thyroid ,related issues. hyperactive thyroid or a under active thyroid the thyroid actually impacts your pituitary gland and this pituitary gland plays ,a ,big role in ovulation.

It’s basically responsible for some of the hormones that cause you to ovulate so therefore under active or overactive thyroid because there's this kind of cascade.

It impacts those hormones either one will cause or possibly cause some issues with your cycle another long-term cause is pcs  is so not like. it needs to be more talked about it is so much more common than I ever knew and I just found this out within the last five years and it can impact fertility it can impact. blood sugar levels there are so many things that pcos impacts and I feel like there isn't really a conversation about pcs basically if you have pcos testosterone ,is ,made in excess.

That all women produce some level of testosterone it's just much lower than that of a ,males ,level of testosterone. testosterone and excess can inhibit the ovaries from releasing an egg so it basically inhibits you from ovulating at all if you're not ,ovulating or if you have.

Very sporadic and not consistent ovulation from cycle to cycle then your periods are going to be erratic and it's really ,hard to predict. when you're ovulating this lighting is laco the weather is. another cause that can fall in either short term or long term depending on the person is either increase in weight or a reduction in weight so this could happen quickly.

over a short period of time or over a long period of time but that acts as a messaging system. it's really impacts your hormone you need some fat but what you don't want is too much fat so it's a kind of a balancing app can throw your hormones all out of wax then it can throw your cycles all ,out of wax.

and then another category in and of itself I’m not going to say much about this but is drug use or certain medications can cause you to either ,not ,ovulate ,or delay ovulation. after saying all that i feel it's so important to emphasize that you have such control over your body and over the information that you have and if you.

are at a point where you're ready to track you know track your cycle look at look at all the fertility signs that we talk about on this post start doing the research read taking charge of your fertility by tony Wechsler. I can't i just that book should be required by everyone for all women the book title is exactly what you're doing ,when ,you gather this information.

And apply it you are taking charge of your fertility taking charge of your cycle when you have this information you can really ,learn ,so much about yourself. can actually lead to finding out other things and being able to fix those things I really appreciate you being here I hope you learn something if so give ,this post. Thank you.