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Cancer Prevention and Healthy Living

Well it's not possible to prevent all cancer.

research has shown that there are ways to reduce your risk of getting cancer through things you do and things you can avoid doing in your everyday life when ,we think of. Cancer risk that refers to things that can cause us to get cancer.

When we think of cancer prevention that refers to things we can do to reduce our risk of cancer there are some things that we have control over and some that we don't. I want to talk about the things that we have control over in terms of cancer risk factors these include, what, are ,called ,lifestyle factors. it refers to smoking and diet and exercise smoking is one of the leading causes of several types of cancer and quitting smoking is one way to significantly reduce your cancer risk.

I recognize in my practice that quitting smoking is the hardest thing that people ever do and all too often we dismiss that and say you just have ,to ,have more willpower. The good news is that there are programs and people who can help with this and if you want to quit smoking you can connect with a health care provider who will help you do that. Maintaining a healthy diet is also an important way you can reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer and that may not be as complicated as you think.

in terms of cancer prevention diet is very important I talk to a lot of people and there's confusion about what diet is ,the ,best to prevent cancer. but we can simplify this to say five servings of fruits and vegetables per day is the best way to reduce your cancer risk this is because. fruits and vegetables contain what are called petrochemicals and these are the chemicals that help the body and help the immune ,system resist cancer.

Some people read about supplements and think they can get their petrochemicals through supplements but it turns out that they are more effective if they come in the course ,of fruits and vegetables. in a normal diet so our message is let your kitchen be your medicine cabinet and work on those five servings a day. another lifestyle factor that can cut your risk of developing cancer is regular physical activity what we're talking about is a ,conscious ,effort to exercise.

Fifteen or thirty minutes a day where you're walking at a brisk pace or doing some form of moderate .exercise. One way to know whether it's moderate exercise or not you want to walk at a pace where you can carry on a conversation with someone but you wouldn't have enough breath to sing a song. the experts have found that thirty minutes a day five days a week. For one hundred and fifty minutes a week of exercise has been helpful in reducing the risk of cancer.

So my message would be to find a way to work into your routine getting that one hundred and fifty minutes a week. Is different for different people but i encourage all of my patients and myself and my family and friends to set aside that time and make it a priority. As if it were a medical prescription in and of itself. if exercise were a drug it would be a billion dollar blockbuster but it's something we can do for free if we can just take the time to do it.

Trying to control the amount of stress in your life is also important when it comes to lowering your risk of developing cancer. talk with your doctor about stress reduction programs that may be right for you.

Refers to those things that we can do in our lifestyle that reduce the amount of inflammation in our body. and the scientists have shown that you can measure cortisol and other inflammatory chemicals in the body and these contribute not only to the risk of cancer but also heart disease. diabetes and other illnesses some people have found meditation to be helpful others find yoga to be helpful what we've learned however is that diet and exercise are not ,just ,nice things to do.

but they are key to improving our stress key to reducing inflammation and key to helping us reduce our risk factors for cancer. so if we can exercise regularly eat healthy and then do things like meditation and biofeedback to reduce our stress ,we ,can ,really help ourselves. to learn more about how a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers visit cancer net slash prevention.

beans in the nurses health study the food with the most protection against ,breast ,cancer ,were beans. because beans would they actually show more protection than greens because people weren't eating much greens in the nursery cells anybody a lot of people ate beans and if you're not eating greens and beans become the most protective food you're .eating. but of course the combination of beans greens onions and mushrooms gives you most protection but beans we know are full of i p six there are a nostalgic phosphate and they have a very powerful anticancer effects. in the nurses health study the twice weekly intake lower risk of breast cancer occurrence by twenty ,four ,percent that's incredible.

that's just two times a week load risk of breast cancer by twenty four percent compared to women not eating beans and the high hypoglycemic diet people eat more pizza and bread and crusades and donuts and cookies and white rice and white potato ,and ,all ,the ,white stuff. they of course increased the risk of breast cancer by eighty seven percent the most dangerous thing you can do even worse than eating meat was increased was eating all these high hypoglycemic white stuff the white flour and the white bagels in the pasta.

i go and speak of these conferences these health conferences mostly medical conferences I’m speaking of these medical conferences but the whole audience is ,mostly ,health ,professionals ,or .doctors. and what are they eating what are they serving them.

bagels bagels ,and cookies. and other products made from white flour all the time and i say well thank you for bringing those demonstrating the things that we that cause cancer and cause heart disease. right to the conference so people can see it clearly right in front of their face. then they never might be back again okay.

diagnostic diet increased risk of breast cancer by eighty seven percent and a nozzle ,topaz ,is ,phosphate ,from beans. encourages a pop toast death of cancer cells and doesn't allow tumors to those and anti it is anti androgenic and you know it's powerful or it would be twenty six letters long. nostalgia ,Pentecost ,phosphate ,wow. thank you for laughing because that means that you haven't heard this lecture before.

the other four hundred people heard it already that's why they didn't .laugh alright you know what but the jokes let me just tell you .something. laughing and smiling makes you live longer. anticancer effects ,right. the joke doesn't have to be funny.

you could have heard the joke i still smiled at the same jokes have been talented for the last twenty years if you just smile it makes you laugh anyway even if it's even you heard it and just laugh it's not even funny because ,you live longer anyway. that's ,not ,funny ,that's stupid. sorry ,about that. all right onions in cancer. well I was kind of shocked when i was in my medical career and i wasn't a big onion eater I didn't like onions that much when i started to look at all the data in ,those studies.

shown how radically protective onions and scallions or against cancer i started eating them more in my diet between fifty and eighty eight percent reduction of cancers and people a regular ,consumer ,of ,onions ,and ,scallions.

now I put that in my food all the time you know what happened over ,the years. I began to like them. now I like love putting red onion scallop and I make my California cream kale with a cashew hemp seed sauce.

on the kale I drizzle some thickened tomatoes sauce with sundries tomatoes on that and I put on my red onion you know my thing is scaling raw on right on top I wouldn't have done that years ago I didn't know onions ,were ,so protective.

because people say i don't like onions or they don't they taste sharp but you know what you like what you ,get ,used to eating.

you increase the anti cancer effects when you eat them raw and you increase the anticancer effects when you chew them very well.

when you have that's why I allocate the time during lunch do you have that big salad and all the people that are following my protocol that are in my retreat.

that are listening to my you gotta have cancer um carefully instructing them to liquefied every mouthful in your mouth that you put in your mouth with that salad and then you'd wrap the scallion in a.

and the micro greens and the sprouts and the water crest liquefied in your mouth before you swallow it get the most potential out of that take your time chew it really well i don't know if you take a half an hour to finish ,that ,salad but really.

you swallow it it's one big salad you're having every day make the most of it. mushrooms we talked about the ergo feeding in mushrooms and temp eh and soy beans and by the way I’m leaving beans going on to mushrooms but don't forget the fact. that the ,most protective. is a soybean. most protected against breast cancer.

the basic the basic ordinary soybean not tofu and not soy milk because tofu is made from soy milk but the whole bean like when you get the dried soybean and you soak it overnight you cook it in a soup or make a ,chili ,out of it. or you take tempered or those eta mommy which like the boiled fresh soybeans.

they're rich ,in those compounds. that have anti estrogen effects on breast and prostate can on breast and prostate tissue so they don't let the estrogen ,stimulate ,the ,breast and prostate. about a nonsense of a myth on the internet telling people to be fearful of soy but the opposite is true it's ,the ,most ,protective against cancer. what's ,the. that soy protects you against cancer has anti estrogen effects where it needs to on the prostate and breast but has pro ,estrogen ,effects ,on the bones.

what helps make more bone strength. so we're supposed to have professor in the fact it does we're supposed to have a assurance in fact it does. how many of you eat some soy bean regularly in your diet not tofu in soy milk but real a real bean you know. yeah that's great you should. no we're talking about the fry to inorganic stuff that you get ,at ,burger hut.

we're doing q and a at the end then all those comments can be flying at me. great you could see who could we could have a joke contest. was that a joke by the way. of course we want people to eat not the g m o stuff with the glyph glyph fascinated and stuff like that right we want to of course we want to eat the organic beans ,that ,isn't contaminated. and mushrooms okay we're moving we're ready to move ,on to mushrooms. I ,love mushrooms. mushrooms are the most powerful androgenic inhibitors and you know what that means right they have anti fat storage effects they have antigenic effect memory ,I told you fat cells.

promote a hormone called aromatic that produces .estrogen. and you take that anti aromatic pill called to maxi-min or avatar in other words you take these drugs from doctors when you have breast cancer to lower your natural production of asthma by the body. well mushrooms naturally have aromatic inhibitors in them. and when you eat a variety of different types of mushrooms you get tremendous benefits against keeping your estrogen levels curtailed ,and ,prevents the breast tissue. and the prostate tissue for being stipulated with estrogen like compounds so we want to regularly include mushrooms in our diet mushrooms are an integral part.

of the human immune system. and low sugar fruits like berries and pomegranates and low quartz and passion fruit and in other words wild ,fruits ,and ,low ,sugar fruits. have tremendous powerful effects against cancer. berries one of the most powerful anti cancer foods are right in the freezer ,you ,freeze ,those ,wild .blueberries. and the wild blueberries don't have to be organic like the y m a n blueberries they're not organic but there's ,no ,chemical residue on them.

the reason they're not organic is because they use the fungus side on the plants when they were just growing the sprouting the little bushes once they started ,to produce berries. they're not using any chemicals on them there's no chemical residue on the berry itself you can still eat those wild blueberries even if they're not organic and when ,you buy them frozen. they're one fourth the price of fresh and you can allocate allocate out what you want what you need for that day without having to go bad you ,don't ,go ,molding your refrigerator.

it's my economical i use frozen berries all the .time. frozen berries frozen cherries frozen strawberries i even bought frozen pomegranate airs too.

and of course we know that these are powerful anti cancer effects these foods high in phrenology and anthropocentric ends they lower play semi c load in other words I’m saying right now. is they lowered blood pressure they lower cholesterol they protect the brain against dementia and they have powerful anticancer effects and they taste sweet. but they actually lower insulin because they're so effective at producing beneficial backing that prevent insulin excursion or insulin going through the tubes quake or preventing glucose going ,quickly into the bloodstream.

keeping ,insulin ,more moderate. there are very favorable types of they're very favorable sweet foods and you don't have to be afraid of eating ,fruit ,even ,if ,you're diabetic. so the anticancer there are broad spectrum of anticancer effects of berries and these ,other ,fruits ,like passion fruits. and low quartz and cum quartz like i tell people to buy one of these main way cum squat plants and put them in your living room or your garage if you live in the northeast.

and put it outside in April and bring it in your house and you know what happens when you do that when you bring it in your house you .have. may we come quest which are a sweet cupboard they're not the they're not the oblong cum squat that shaped like an egg that tastes sour that the round come quite that taste sweet and they really taste delicious. Stay tuned to to learn new things. Thank you.