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I wanted to share with you guys basically how I do a coconut oil mask with castor oil so what I’m going to share with you how I apply the coconut oil how I sleep with it and then in the morning time ,how ,I ,wash ,it out. all right so you guys don't get scared but this is what my hair looks like after five days i really wanted to show you what my hair looks like because so many of you say wow how is your hair not oily ,after ,four ,to ,five days.

and that is only when i use dry shampoo and a lot of it but this right here is what it looks like without any dry shampoo and on the fifth day which is today. so as you can see it's pretty oily the reason why i didn't wash my hair for five days I’d like to retrain it sometimes especially now that we're transitioning closer to warmer weather here. Nashville almost at Florida here in Nashville we're going into like sixty degree weather from like twenty degrees I want to make sure my

scalp doesn't overproduce the oils if i start watching it every single day so that's how I retrain my hair. I don't apply any dry shampoo I don't apply any other drying products that will dry up the excess oil and this kind of helps me retrain my hair so that will be able to not wash my hair in three four days without using dry shampoo. and I do this a couple of times just to make sure I retrain it and I’m sure a lot of you will ask what do I do how do i keep my hair not looking disgusting if I go out and about.

I’m going to first start with castor oil because I apply this to my scalp and kind of midway but focusing mostly on the scalp because it's extremely nourishing and it helps circulate the blood ,flow ,in your. scalp to help hair growth even though there is not any scientific evidence that Castillo oil helps your hair growth but it makes me feel good it makes my scalp feel really good it makes it feel very nourished and i do see a lot of benefits when ,I ,do use it. bread revue naturals this is certified organic castor oil and you don't need a lot of this because it's very thick and it's kind of sticky but not sticky ,is super thick.

and concentrate so i take a very small amount well not small but I’ll take a good amount so you can see how it looks kind of like. honey or molasses coming out. so I’ll start with a good tablespoon to begin with and I’ll kind of massage it in my hands in between my fingers because basically these become my combs my ,hair ,combs my finger comes. so what else start I’ll just start very gently using my fingers and kind of massaging and the hair back because I’ve been thinking a little bit here I’ve noticed I’ve ,been stressing out a lot.

so I want to focus a lot of it towards the front of my scalp. so you see it's really thick and once you start putting your hair and it kind of gets that feeling of. honey if you ever done like a honey mask you will know that feeling but once you start massaging it into your scalp and your hair it kind of gets rid of that feeling so once I kind of get a lot of. I’ll start very gently massaging my scalp with the oil.

I’m going to take a smaller mouth this time maybe half a table spoon. I’m going to focus on the back of my head or my scalp closer to my neck so I’m going to pour. just a little bit I think it's even like a teaspoon honestly just a little bit do the same thing kind of rub it on my hand warm it up a little bit going ,between ,my fingers.

and then just work the back of my head. and this is the time where I wash my hands and i usually do ,this in the bathroom. and I make sure to open up all the products before i begin this process so I’ll be right back so next and last step from the mask is coconut oil this one right here we've been using for many years this is the nautilus.

coconut oil it's organic it's a virgin which means nothing is processed it's now filtered by any means so basically just raw virgin coconut oil we both really Really like it it's one of the better brands that we have tried. and they're pretty inexpensive on Amazon i think this entire jug is like nineteen dollars or something and it does last a very long time so basically what i do is ,i'll take a ,wooden .spoon.

like this also from Amazon love these so amazing and I’ll just kind of start scooping it out right ,now ,it's ,cold ,and ,Asheville. this coconut oil. is nice and salad we just make sure to store coconut oil somewhere where it's dark inside the cupboard or inside the pantry so the first spoonful I’ll ,take ,a ,good heaping spoonful.

and I’ll take half of that. good half of that and start kind of rubbing it into my hands to warm it up. and before it completely melts i start app l war and I’m going to wash my hair and I’m going to first start off with the shampoo and I’m going to use the Olympics number four I’m going to take my normal sized amount which is.

Usually like a good corner sized them out in my palm and I’ll just kind of lather it in my hands and start working it mostly on my scalp not focusing on the ends just to make sure most of the oils from the scalp is removed then ,he is removed.

and then when i go in a second time this time with the purple shampoo just because I’m going to tone my hair obviously if I were not to use a purple shampoo I’ll go in a second time with the same shampoo. but use a little bit less this time probably half of the first time that i used because there's still going to be a little bit shampoo left and it's going to lather even more and this time I focus a little bit ,more ,like ,the ends.

a little bit more on the scalp just to make sure in areas where i do get oily like behind the ears around my neck the front of the head and the crown is to make sure I kind of ,focus ,in ,those areas. rent it out and then apply a tiny bit of conditioner I’m using the Olympics number five conditioner just to the ends of my hair and then ,i ,will ,see ,you guys.

In my family room two style while dry and salt my hair so I’m out of the shower and this is what the hair looks like i kept it up in a towel while I was doing my makeup.

And you know what makes me happy while i was doing my makeup the only thing I used in my eyebrows was the gimme bravo benefit i didn't have to fill them in extra. that makes me happy my eyebrows are growing all right so now what I’m going to do is i want to show you guys what the hair looks like without any products most of the time I apply some kind of leaving conditioner.

but I want you guys to see what it looks like after the masks I’m gonna quickly brush out the hair with a wide toothpaste or you can use a tangle teaser I’m gonna start obviously towards the bottom making my way towards the top.

I don't know if you can see the camera but my hair is nice and toned it's not as brassy it's ,not ,as yellow. because I haven't got my hair done since October. so purple shampoo to the rescue. now the hair is brushed out there's no kinks or knots in there it's nice and separated now I’m going to dry and stomach ,hair ,used ,in ,the ,Dyson.

Russia attachment and I’m going to keep it on the second airflow the highest heat setting and then quickly make way down to the lowest heat setting and just kind of dried out style it. so this is what the hair looks like after I dried my hair and then at the very end once my hair is pretty much all dry I went in with the cool shot with a Dyson just to really smooth everything down.

to kind of seal it all in place because I’m not going to use any more heat in my hair and this is what the hair looks like there is no other products besides the shampoo. the purple shampoo and the conditioner on my hair i didn't apply any oils I didn't apply any lemon conditioner before i styled .it.

I think it looks pretty good it's very shiny it's very bouncy it's full of life and the purple shampoo tone my hair. enough ,where. most of the brassiness is gone but i think the best part is is how the hair looks and how it feels and they don't feel dry at all i feel like I don't need ,to ,add ,any extra oils.

and this is basically how the hair acts after the caster and the coconut oil the next day. and as you can see when it change party lines the hair doesn't fall flat it doesn't look oily it is a little greasy and i think one of the biggest mistakes when i did start using coconut oil. many years ago i would just do a one time shampoo and I wouldn't focus it too much in my scalp or my root i would focus what's the shampoo in my mid to the end of my hair. and that when my hair would get oily a lot faster it wouldn't look as fresh and clean and what i started doing was I double cleaned I hope I answered most of your questions if you do have other questions.