Boost Your Immunity Naturally and Stay Healthy

 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immunity Naturally and Stay Healthy

now you want to boost your immunity naturally but there are so many household chores ,to attend to. that you just don't have the motivation and you end up taking shortcuts so today I’m going to give you some very ,practical ,and ,simple ways to. boost your immune system naturally and stay healthy but just checking i hope you're staying indoors washing your hands more often and if you ever really do need ,to step out.

don't forget to wear that mask. now for today's post we went out and interviewed leading nutritionist and lifestyle educator Krishna Caracalla who's going to talk to ,us ,about ,five ,main things. the first is some practical cooking tips and simple food options to make your cooking activity both fun and easy during ,this period of lock down.

the second will be diet what to include and what to exclude from your diet the third is some liquids some interesting ,drinks ,that you can have. and particularly one concoction that you can make at home which is a herbal remedy to help you improve your immune system fourth are some simple lifestyle changes that ,you can make. and finally the best activities for you to engage in during this period for you to remain happy and stress free because ,after ,all ,a happy .you.

Is healthy so let's get. Going. okay ,everyone. Number one would be planned and prepared so make a list of all the stock that you have in your ,kitchen ,and ,make your. your menu list for the week second important thing would be actually to create a fun environment probably play your favorite music like your candles you can probably ask your partner or anybody in your house to help you in cooking.

let's say for example trying a new vegetable that you've never tried obviously you know ensuring that it's available right now and the second important thing probably could change the recipe of the kind of food that you were eating before. to just make cooking a little more fun not only important thing will be the cook once and eat twice now for example if you made your rote subject and DAR for the afternoon right and the votes that are made in the afternoon they can actually be ,used ,a ,second time.

so you could either roast the reties and make a carbon out of it or secondly you could actually tear the rot i into bite sizes and saute with a lot more of different kind of vegetables and make a dish in the evening. similarly if you made brown rice which is consumed probably with dal and vegetables in the afternoon you could actually consume this differently in the evening by either assaulting ,it with different vegetables.

or making a curd rice out of it or even you can make a lemon mustard seeds rise in the evening so we could actually have simpler options so for example you could have ,a ,red ,rice ,catchy. with a lot of vegetables in it and you can eat this with a bowl of corn or you could actually make a chill that like there's something like a moon Dali which actually includes your carbohydrates and proteins.

as well and you can have this with a bowl of soup you can also have your sprouted pulses or in your general pulses as your evening snacks and to top this up you could also ,have your protein shakes. so basically it just it just makes sense to actually make cooking more fun at the same time it should be easy so as they say sharing is caring and i'm sure you know some ,simple ,and ,practical tips.

to remain healthy some cooking options or some food choices so put everything down as a comment under this post because you're going to be helping a whole lot of people in this period. so first thing we could remove your package foods ,sugar ,and refined. we could also consider removing your attitude sweetness as well as your heavy meat diets the artificial sweetness they may actually induce glucose intolerance and actually create gut ,alternate ,card backing your alterations.

similarly when it comes to your heavy meat diet and the back teacher that are found in jurong inflammation are the similar kind of bacon that are found in heavy meat diets so definitely makes sense to limit both of these. so your antibiotics get rid of the bad bacon but they also get rid of the good bacon all i would suggest is that you know we all have to learn to listen to our bodies more effectively more.

like that times away we could you know you could just have a headache and you want to actually pop up with but actually your body could just tell you that you know maybe you just need to rest a little bit and recover it so again you must ,take ,your ,medication ,when necessary. but try avoiding them as much as possible. so the first important thing to add would be of fermented foods now these are very rich in the beneficial backing that we're talking about.

so that can be in the form of your permitted vegetables like your cauliflower cabbage carrots cucumbers you could also have ,permitted fluids like kombucha. or you are as simple as a cabbage juice so we need to up your fruits and vegetables and up your whole grains your whole grains basically so these are high in soluble fiber which also help you.

to lower the inflammation in the body and brand buckwheat millet dark leafy greens and also other vegetables like your onion garlic leak and asparagus so the entire idea ,is ,to ,have ,whole grades. so let me get let me give you another fun fat right now the fiber that we do not consume are actually consumed by our good battery as well as these fun friends and they actually can produce.

your essential vitamins short chain fatty acids as well as immune regulating molecules which basically lead to detoxification help to lower your information. and enhance your immune system that basically come in the form of your java baja raj green nationally buckwheat and avatar we could also have your produce sauces which comes in period. your legumes and pulses nuts and seeds you good fats that come in the form of coconut oil olive oil raw nuts and seeds and yogi okay tell me about your diet plan.

Your food choices and what do you exclude from your diet and put it down as a comment under this post and you never know who's going to benefit from them. And essentially your good amount of water remember we require these two point seven stars for women. and three point seven liters for men and this only increases with your activity level and the climate conditions the other fluids that we could actually add in order to suit your entire digestive system and an answer immunity would .be.

your lemon water cinnamon water your apple cider vinegar and ukulele water you can also have digestive bitters for example your soft water or the blank chair water. now the idea is to have them fifteen minutes before your meals because they help to secrete all the digestive juices of the body which actually is a digestion diestion process. a simple concoction that can be made in the house which can actually help us to know the inflammation would be one piece one of a coconut oil cold press.

with a pinch of healthy and a pinch of black pepper this can be had like daily probably once or twice a month once or twice in a day now tell me which of these liquid choices that charisma gave you was your favorite. and the most important thing would be prioritizing sleep now though we are sleeping our body is continuously .working.

it is getting a lot of the toxins your mind is getting recharged and most importantly the amazing homers are getting created by the body which are very important for your immune system. so it is very essential to you know i still have a good routine of your sleep right now regardless of the fact that we are home bound and we are already not getting out too much we still need to keep a routine to keep us getting rid ,of ,them ,and balance.

Second important thing would be to digest well now what essentially happens is now eating is a physical activity but most of the time a mind just keeps watering to places right so what exactly happens is in disconnects us with the process ,of ,eating ,and digesting. It’s a very important thing i know you're not going to like me march for this where the ideas eat without distraction so when you say it without distraction ,places without your television.

without without your phones in fact to make eating the only activity on the table another very important thing that we must do is express and feel gratitude before every meal. and ensure that you chew every morsel at least twenty times so this can actually prevent indigestion bloating gas and in fact also eat in your weight loss.

the next important thing would be to move more now the whole idea is to be as physically active as we can right so we could probably indulge in two working well you need to do a little more of the household work that you've ever .done.

besides this ensure that you are doing at least thirty minutes of your training every day or every other day now just to make this more fun you could either do a video chat with your friends or you could ask your trainer to train ,you ,through ,a ,video chat. you could also download your apps as well as just do it something's online or probably just start your music and start like an arrogant activity this could actually help to keep a five percent slow also it would release a lot of endorphins which actually creates. Share this with your friends.