How to lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally



today we will talk about three supplements that may possibly help controlling sugar levels number three is going to be the most ,commonly ,used ,to stick around.

now i'm also going to have links in the description so you can check out some of these products if you are interested number one is going ,to ,be ,aloe vera.supplements or juices can be made from the leaves they look like cactus.and they help a lord your fasting sugar level and as well as a and c in people who are prediabetic as well as people who ,have ,type ,two ,diabetes ,and.this couple of research studies done on aloe vera which show that individuals who had horribly bad sugar levels fascinating sugar ,levels greater than.

two hundred these results report that the use of aloe vera is good significantly reducing fasting blood glucose level by sixty four points.and even see by even more than one percentage point so this is definitely reassuring now a couple of precautions of course ,you ,need ,to take .with.aloe vera elevator can interact with several medications so you have to check with your doctor of course before using it you should never be taken with certain ,type of heart medication.such as the jokes and this has to be kept in mind now number two is going to be something that you may not have heard before this is called.jim nima sylvester is the botanical name and jim nima is uruguay the medication that has been used for for salaries. and actually in one study.

What is the highest my blood sugar should be?

The highest blood sugar level that's considered safe will depend on the person and whether they have diabetes, but will typically be between 160 to 240 mg/dl.


it showed that people with type two diabetes they were taking around four hundred milligrams of the four ,hundred ,milligrams of the gym. extract and they took this for about eighteen to twenty months and they've experienced a twenty nine percent decrease in their fasting glucose.level and this is drastic and they also saw a decrease in their a c from eleven percent to around eight percent now this is actually an older study but of course.this is such a drastic change i think something like this needs to be repeated .however.

this has been shown to be definitely desperately useful now there's more studies done on this and this herb actually showed that it lowered ,fasting ,sugar levels and type one diabetes and if you have a look over it can actually also reduce cravings of sweets because it actually suppresses sweet taste sensation in your mouth they say that at the initial phase after

glucose intake glucose and plasma insulin responses were lower in this group ,than ,in the control group.and these suggest that this itself has a substantial role in controlling ,postprandial ,post ,grandeur gastrointestinal activities.which means that normally your sugar levels may be fine but when you eat your sugar levels spike up now this happens in diabetics that people don't actually realize that a and c maybe within normal limits.

but after you eat food your sugars may spike and you may miss that and that could lead to development of heart disease and brain disease so this is ,basically suggesting .that. taking this taking this can actually suppress post brand deal or after meal sugar levels and this is highly highly encouraging now there are a couple of aspects you have to keep in mind .because. this can enhance your blood sugar lowering effects of insulin so you have to do this under the guidance of your physician sometimes you may need to tie trade ,or even lower.

your diabetes medication and your insulin and of course one thing to note up i should not forget mentioning this but jim niemann sylvester has been known to cause some type of liver damage as well so of course.keep in touch with your doctor now the last one on my list is actually going to be something that people know ,about ,and this is cinnamon.supplements they can be made from the whole cinnamon or it could be an extract and studies suggest that it helps lower ,sugar ,levels ,and helps out.with diabetes control and how does it work so they say that it may help your blood cells better respond to insulin .basically.enhancing insulin sensitivity insulin is much more useful

much more active in turn this allows your sugar into your cells ,and ,lowering ,your ,sugar this has been helpful in numerous studies have shown so people who have been prediabetic let's go to that pretty big people are people whose sugar fasting sugar levels can range .from.

one hundred and twenty five milligram per deciliter and they took about two hundred and fifty milligram of cinnamon before breakfast and dinner for three months and they actually experienced.and eight percent decrease in their fasting sugar levels compared to those with placebo so this is drastic and you can read over here as well ,individuals ,with ,type ,two diabetes.with fasting glucose reduced by around twelve to fifty two milligram per deciliter and avc actually also reduced by a good decent amount not an exaggerated amount but decent amount.and whereas syndrome insulin decreasing several studies not only is it


decreasing your sugar levels but also decreasing your insulin levels now when insulin levels decrease you ,also tend to. lose weight so this is definitely definitely helpful now a couple of things i want to mention about cinnamon even .further. so when you use this as a sole therapy you use this as a sole therapy in patients who ,have ,diabetes ,or ,pre diabetes.cinnamon also has been known to help a couple of precautions to be taken when you're taking cinnamon because the common cassia variety of cinnamon contains a compound .called.

a compound like this can be harmful for your liver in high amounts so there is another variety and make sure you get any product.for cinnamon make sure it is sealed in cinema c e y l o n cinnamon this is much more suitable ,so ,cinnamon is have a look at this study as well they were testing out synonym synonym is a soluble cinnamon extract and ,it ,found significant decreases.decreasing decreases in fasting blood glucose as well as leading to an increase in valentine mass compared to the placebo this is good news this is exciting news that you may possibly have natural remedies for ,diabetes in specific certain do not think again that you could replace your medication and do not think you can do this unsupervised you have to you have to make sure you are ,doing this under .the.

now i want to talk about this topic for a little bit because i recently did have a patient who was taking supplements ,and ,they were thinking going to be helping them out and her sugar level was actually more than that is an awfully high sugar level that is an awfully high sugar level and she ,says she ,doesn't ,like .doctors. but she came in with abdominal pain nausea feeling run down peeing all the time so we all know this feeling right we know what happens in diabetes and this is not intended as a.Stay tuned to Thanks.