How to dermaplane at home

 My Dermaplaneing At Home Skincare Routine.

hi everyone welcome back i have another routine post for you today but this looks a little bit different because i'm going to show you how to shave your face ,aka. the dark thick hair like if you have a beard or a real mustache what i'm talking about today is more of a form of exfoliation it's called derma planing and it's when you use a razor on dry skin and you're trying to get the villus hair off of your face.

in the Bella's hair is there to protect our skin except peach buzz right some people have it thicker while other people have it really light i have very light Bella's hair when you're also derma cleaning you're removing that top layer of dry skin as well but ,you ,have ,to ,do .everything.

thing really gently because you don't want to go really close to your skin and you don't want to nick yourself because that really defeats the purpose so what you're really trying to accomplish with this technique is to remove that velvet hair and that dry flaky skin that ,you ,have ,on top.

and expose fresh baby skin essentially so i'm going to show you guys how i do this i don't know if it's out of laziness or something that i don't do this too often but i do this maybe once every. six weeks i use it so that i have smoother skin for my makeup so i don't feel like i have too much texture texture is a normal part of having skin so it's not that big a deal but it really does make your face.

and your skin feel very smooth you do have to take measures and you guys will see to take care of your skin afterwards so first things first and that is choosing the right razor like i said you can use a typical razor but that's not what i ,would ,choose ,for this technique. there are different options out there it doesn't have to be expensive at all these are little tinkle razors i think these are probably the worst ones but they get the job done they're not going to last you very long you pretty much have to toss them after one use.

i prefer these by shiseido kind of the same concept i feel like the razors just a little bit better and then there's this which is an old ,school version of. this is the first iteration of it but this is the one i have and you don't have to replace it once you get it and i actually ,don't ,use the .charging.

function of it anymore i don't charge it anymore and used to have a vibration to it to really help you get deeper but i don't really need it i like that you can replace. the razors really easily just like that so this one is a really really nice one but honestly my preferred one is this all right so it's morning time and that's when i like to start playing my face.

on Tuesdays like a lazy Sunday when i know i'm not going to really do much outside besides play with my a toddler a little bit or maybe i just stay in and do absolutely nothing except sit on the sofa i think that's the best time to ,do ,something like .this.

while later in the routine you want your skin to be really dry though this is one of the times on your skin care routine what i'm going to say make sure your skin is dry and not damp i took a shower just now i washed my face. and i am letting it dry just naturally because i don't want to have any exercise bum that builds up overnight usually i'm OK with a little bit of that but for deer cleaning you don't want to .have.

anything that's going to get in the way you want a nice dry clean slate basically so you let your skin dry and then you go for it so i'm going to get up really close here I've never done this into a camera. i like to start right here and what i do is i take it and you're going in a downward motion that's really important and you're not obviously not trying to slice your skin and you're holding it i have heard people say.

forty five degree angle so i guess it's what you're doing i just make sure it's slanted and i'm going to get an angle and i'm going down in little ,strokes just like that. and all that is not the point if you cut yourself or bleed you did something wrong because that is not what you're supposed to do so i always go here because this is where i ,have the .most.

in this area i think a lot of us do. i avoid those hyphens don't at all get my side burns because that's not the point again. so i'm going to download motion i like to pull my skin top. just to make sure again because i don't want to make my skin.

you can just go really fast with it once you get the hang of it you tend to go really fast with it.except when you get to tricky areas.this is a little bit of a tricky part if you want to get your mustache you can.i do it because i have just peach buzz there mostly sometimes i get a little hormonal dark one but for the most part i just have peach buzz so i use this because i'm not going to get that thick five o'clock shadow ,or ,anything like .that.

if you have thick hair i don't recommend this because it is going to feel like it's thick and uncomfortable later so keep that in mind also this is ,really ,truly for peach have to be really careful when you start to get to different angles like i save my nose for the last part of it and i don't do my full nose .because.

then you can actually make yourself so you want to be really careful with sometimes you have to turn it a different way.and then i actually go up forehead.that's where i get a lot of flakiness on my see that build up right's really hard to show it to you i don't do this area i don't feel like i need to think i need to get crazy i do go down my forehead.i don't really pull my forehead top because it's pretty .tough.

and then i go over to the other side. once you're done you're done with an area you don't want to go back because that's when you can cause some irritation. my skin feels nice not trying to get everything off at one time if i miss the place it's fine unless it's like a big patch but i usually .don't. there ,we go ow that i didn't wipe it you can see that. so ,it ,is feather. strokes really light strokes i'm barely pressing to my skin it's a very very gentle like i'm just going like this.

with the sounds too all right so now i'm going to get into the tricky parts this area right here it does help with your pores again you don't want to go in there and use this as your main form of.unclogged in your course but you can get in this area so you have to be very .careful. and then i just go over here on the side of my nose. just ,like that. so i'm done i'm done during the planning it's that easy you guys saw the entire thing i think people that get really intense with it that's when you run into issues you don't want to get really intense you don't want to sensitize your skin my skin feels great i'm ,just going .to ,rinse ,it off ,really.the next step i always love to use some sort of like a hyaluronic acid serum this one's by Vichy this is mineral eighty nine what i think is great about this one is it has a ton of minerals and it has antioxidants in .it. o i think that that's great for your skin helium gas it just feels great for the skin in general so i just put a couple drops with while ,my ,skin ,is still down. when i press it in it feels nice and light.and almost like you're putting.

a gel like water on your skin which is the point. that's how you feel and it's not sticky. all right so something to think about is after you have dermaplane your face your skin is nice and smooth and exfoliated and ready to take on some active ,ingredients ,i know .that.

it can sound kind of scary because you're like well i just exfoliated should i really but if you were gentle with your skin you absolutely should use this ,opportunity ,to ,use ,some .actors. favorite products from my line attire it is the vitamin c super serum plus and i have had so many questions about it ever since i first mentioned it i understand it can be a very intimidating product.

because it has some super star ingredients in it it has phi m and c the eyelash gourmet acid retinal hyaluronic acid nice cinema and salad salad acid altogether and some of these are ingredients that people think that they can't mix .together. but here's the thing they actually work amazingly together if they're either formulated correctly or your skin can tolerate it in this case they're formulated correctly they're formulated beautifully ,this ,is ,a wonderful formulation.

see in here the telescopic acid is encapsulated which will really help keep it stable and because it's encapsulated it will slowly release on your skin the ph of this also happens to be at a ph level irritate your skin.

that is also something to keep in mind it will just be amazing you'll get all the benefits from eyebrow acid without the irritation and it'll actually be stable when it hits your skin the retinal in here is b h t free it is also encapsulated and it ,actually ,doesn't even activate.

until you press it to your skin you actually start to rub together they work amazingly they're both antioxidants they're both going to help stimulate collagen in your skin and we know.there are so many benefits that you get from finance aid from retinal it's also nice cinema in here which i think is an amazing ingredient for all skin types it is Thanks for reading the frequent articles.