How to Make Homemade Ghee

 how to make gee.


What is so special about ghee?

this ,nutty ,butterscotch beautiful. so ,good. okay so i used to be totally fat phobic back in the day when my skin was also really dry i suffer from eczema my hair was not shiny like it is .now. and this because i wasn't eating any good fats now i definitely eat good fats and i absolutely love gee so i thought i would just take you through the process of how to make it gee has been around for thousands ,of years.

in fact it dates back i think to bc and the first reports were used in northern India but now it's like a very trendy super food and it's ,used ,all ,over the world. but i really think that the trend of gee it's not a fat it's not something that's gonna go away and i'm going to share with you all of the health benefits and why i personally love it aside from obviously just the taste.

so before we get into the health benefits of gee because i'm going to share them with you as i make them you might be wondering what the heck is gee if you know what butter is.then you probably know what gee is so gee is essentially clarified butter but let's just go one step further when you melt down butter and you remove all the milk solids the proteins the're essentially clarifying the butter okay so that is called clarified butter but then when you let it simmer a little bit longer on the bottom of your pen ,you'll ,see that you the fat starts to brown and that browning lends this natty butterscotch flavor and that's when you get geek so it's clarified butter and then let it simmer a little longer so that you get the geek because it's so .good.

so the first thing you're wondering is what butter to make your gee with i like to use grass fed butter and the reason i like grass fed butter when making geese because it's just a little bit more nutrient dense for example.cla is a fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid and this is a fatty acid that actually helps you to burn fat better and it's richer in grass fed also ,richer ,in ,fat soluble makes sense right if the cow is grazing on a pasture and eating more grass as opposed to eating tons of grains then the nutritional density of the butter ,is ,going to be different.

so when it comes to salted or unsalted i make my gee with unsalted butter because i like to control the amount of salt in my food i ,like ,adding ,sea ,salt .and.himalayan rock salts to my food but i like to be the one who's in charge of it but you can totally make ghee with salted butter and then in terms of the amount of butter as you can see here this is just ,two ,hundred ,and ,fifty grams.grass fat butter is a little more expensive so you can definitely buy like the pound of butter which is what most people buy that's fine i'm just doing like a smaller one but honestly the recipe applies to no matter how much butter you're .using.

okay so we just need a pot and we need some heat so i've got both over here and you need a wire mesh strainer and you need a spoon and you need a bowl so i'm actually just going to grab a bowl. i'm going to turn now with the heat you want to do a medium low i mean let's gonna i'll put it at like a four and a half and you want a bull because you want to be scraping out um well not scraping so that's not the right word because you don't have ,to scrape .anything.

you'll see that the milk solids the way rises the fat um sort of settles on the bottom and you just scrape off the way as it's cooking even though it takes about twenty to ,thirty's like a very mindful process you don't have to be totally standing over it the whole time it's not like making risotto but you do have to be kind of nearby you can't just throw your your pot and then disappear for twenty minutes it also helps your butter melt faster if you chop it up into chunks so i'm actually going to do that right .now.chop up my butter.just like .this.

my butter is actually melting a bit so it's a little bit sticky so that will just help it melt faster so just put that into my pan .here.just like that and then we watch the magic happen gee and also butter is packed with ,an amazing substance called butterfly.and butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that actually your gut backing to make but when you consume it it is amazing for gut health in fact there's been studies that have .shown.

that this substance is incredible for reducing inflammation and also really great to prevent conditions like crones and alternative colitis and may support.insulin levels obviously fights off inflammation and can even support the gut barrier function so you can see here it's starting to melt and see this white stuff ,on the top.


that's a ctually the way so that's the proteins rising to the top this is what a lot of people are sensitive to so people who have dairy sensitivities and allergies if you have a dairy allergy i wouldn't consume.but if you have a sensitivity um then you could definitely consume geese so we can even start taking that off now and you know a lot of people in terms of you might be wondering what do you do with the way that ,rises ,to the can compost it some people mix it into like you can mix it into rice or you know cauliflower mashed potatoes that type of thing so it does it does.

around four hundred and eighty five degrees for gee whereas butter has a lower smoke point if you've ever sought hade with butter you know it browns really quickly ,it ,tastes ,really good's not great if you are wanting to saute something or you know roast something at four hundred degrees for example so gee is much better for that okay guys so you can see here now i have clarified butter see how it's pretty clear.

um i would just strain this to remove the last bits of way but we wanna make geese so we're gonna let this cook a little bit longer so that you start to see brown bits on the bottom but this is clarified butter right while my gee is browning i wanted to just tell you about some of the other nutrients that are in gee because it is really wonderful it's a rich source of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin a.ah vitamin e and vitamin k so vitamin k is amazing for bone health vitamin k helps to keep calcium in your bones and all these nutrients together vitamin a vitamin e great for skin health glowing skin healthy heart.

healthy cardiovascular system so it is really really amazing now how much gee do you use should you be taking a spoonful of this every meal no definitely .not.moderation is really key but what does moderation look like well i'll tell you you can saute with this you could drizzle it on popcorn you can mix ,it ,into mash cauliflower. or cauliflower rice use it like how you would use olive oil or use it like how you would use butter but just remember you can bring it to a higher temperature i like roasting so i like roasting i like roasting vegetables.

and pudding gee on my veggies sometimes when i cook fish oh i better go check my gee again i hear it sizzling you don't want to leave it for too long.okay guys take a look see all .that.that's exactly what you want we now have i'm not too worried about these last little bits what i'm gonna do is i'm going to run it through the wire mesh strainer into my mason jar so make sure you've cleaned out your ,mason jar.

take your strainer.and you might actually want to do this over a bowl instead not what i'm doing because now i have to be like uber precise and just pour it in look ,at that golden delicious.wonderful ,healing fat.what's ,that.that was really.don't pick up the jar when you just pour the gee in there okay so here you are that's what it looks like now ,obviously once the ,gee cools.

it's going to look like this so you can store it just in your kitchen cupboard but i just use caution and i actually ,store gee in my fridge. so that's it gee made with grass fed butter. Read more Articles Come daily to increase knowledge.