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 Banana leaf skin benefits 

Banana leaf skin benefits

Banana leaf skin benefits, the bell I can so you won't miss any of our videos but Natalie's have a wide range of applications because there are large flexible Banana leaf skin benefits waterproof and decorated with their use for cooking wrapping and full

serving in a wide range of queues scenes in tropical and subtropical areas but now I believe has a wide range of health benefits so let's take a closer look at some of them in detail. Number one healthy here and overcoming dandruff if you're having problems of dandruff on. Banana leaf skin benefits

your head then but now believes is the solution you can use to overcome them the first step is for banana leaves to be chopped down and crashed to the water is extracted then the but now leaf extract is smeared all over the head let it absorb for. Banana leaf skin benefits

a few moments and then rinse thoroughly with clean water you should know that banana leaf extract taken from the leaves will help us get rid of dandruff and make the hair remained perfectly black and if the hair is often due to prickly heat then you should use it. Banana leaf skin benefits

this leave because it is proven effective. Number 2 beauty skin and make it smoother believe it or not the banana leaf can be used as a substitute ingredient for beauty creams not only can makes moving beautiful skin but also banana leaves can act as a germ killer that is good to avoid skin irritation problems that are mild or severe. Banana leaf skin benefits

Banana leaf skin benefits

Number 3 facemask a banana face mask may not sound strange to us but what about the banana leaves are not used as a face mask but banana leaves can overcome skin irritation and also kills the germs on the skin so the skin can be more clean and clear so banana leaves are better for the health of our skin so that it can become a natural remedy.

Number 4 fever killer a banana leaf can also be used as a drug to treat fever so tiny you don't drink banana leaves but instead, you use it by attaching a banana leaf that has been cleaned and smeared with coconut oil on the ones for a hit over the long term then the fever will be diminished. Banana leaf skin benefits

Number 5 traditional treatments this is especially the traditional treatment that was known you can grab the banana leaf and rub it with coconut oil and paste in several parts of the body that have a high fever. Such as you're wasting your forehead it is a natural remedy for fever. Banana leaf skin benefits

Banana leaf skin benefits

Number 6 creek cuts an open injury but never leave health benefits areas the treatment of a natural wound they wait to use it as a Wall The street print is by cleaning banana leaves by washing after that you need to grind the banana leaves and placed evenly on the wound this method can only be done for minor injuries a banana leaf can also be used to help you with open injuries. Banana leaf skin benefits

Number 7 for skin inflammation Drax dermatitis can be handled using a banana leaf which has been transformed into appointment products. Then can be applied to the affected part of the information for treatment. Banana leaf skin benefits

Number 8 enhancing body endurance but now the leaves can enhance the immune system of the human body that is weak in addition to enhancing endurance a banana leaf can also water off free radicals

inducing cancer that is increasingly dangerous for human health. Yes, this is a strange thing but the substance that is stored in a banana leaf namely Allen towing can be converted into an anti-Occident producing agent. Banana leaf skin benefits