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 Amazing face day cream japan

face day cream japan

face day cream japan, You may be surprised that there are certain things that you may think are good for face day cream japan but just are not my name is Dr. Anthony and I'm known as America's holistic plastic surgeon and I help health-conscious women over 30 look their

best by teaching them a holistic approach to health and beauty and today I'm going to go over with you my 5 top things that you should never put on your face and I bet you're gonna be surprised at some of the things that I have on my top 5 list of things to avoid on your face. face day cream japan

Let's start with number 5 it's a bar so now I'm a guy you know I have applied I've use bar soap to cleanse the skin of my face countless times like most other men and probably most other women but bar soap are not good to wash your face with bar soap is very drying to your skin and it. face day cream in japan

often contains sodium laurel sulfate now this is a substance that because of the soap to ladder well because we like lathering don't wait well, unfortunately, that same lathering substance can really really dry your skin so use bar soap on. face day cream japan

face day cream japan

you're body if you want to keep it away from your face. My number 4 thing you've got to keep away from your face is petroleum jelly so you may have had applied by your mother or your grandmother onto your face or your lips and it was seen and has been seen for. face day cream japan

a long time as the ultimate natural moisturizer we'll take a look at what it is Joey isn't so bad but petroleum. It was actually for it was discovered at the bottom of basically petroleum barrels and this is where it comes from and this is not good for your skin it

can also clog your pores it's very occlusive so if you've got any history of any type of acne not good to put on your skin so stay away from petroleum jelly honestly over your whole body there are some natural ones made of beeswax that I would go with instead of petroleum. Well, nothing you want to avoid is body moisturizer is great for you. face day cream japan

body but not so great for your face and like petroleum jelly body moisturizer can clog your pores it can cause you to break out now you go to the store you can buy body moisturizer in these big bottles for just a few dollars as long as it doesn't contain harmful ingredients. face day cream japan

within portion which unfortunately I didn't do that, it's not It a bad idea to use that for your body but for your face stick with a good facial moisturizer, we have one in my line unit beauty which is made with natural organic ingredients call the calming anti-Occident moisturizer it's. face day cream japan

face day cream japan

a great moisturizer for your face does not clog your pores and has antioxidants in it so use a moisturizer like that one made for your face, not one made for your body. Well my number 2 is rubbing alcohol now this stringency may have heard of that toners often contain alcohol in it and it gives the same feeling as rubbing alcohol on your skin. face day cream japan

And that feeling is a nice clean squeaky clean colder type of a feel and it feels good to put it on your skin but what it does is rubs off all of the oils of your skin and some people have real oily skin they have acne issues access sebum and they think that using rubbing alcohol or strangers can get rid of that oil but what happens is it. face day cream japan

gets rid of the oil temporarily but then your skin realizes that it's missing oil and it creates even more oil in response and so what can happen is you can get into this vicious cycle where if you've got oily skin and you're using rubbing alcohol or is stringent Sir toners with alcohol that your skin gets more and more oily so stay away from it interestingly enough.

face day cream japan a lot of people who have oily skin do well with oil cleansing your skin with oils and that's something that we're going to cover in a different video so stay away from rubbing alcohol stay away from the strangest and toners that are filled with alcohol as well.

So I know you're wondering what is my number one thing that you should avoid putting on your face and this one's going to be a bit controversial L. it is. Yes, that. So there are sperm facials that are very popular people

sell sprint facials for hundreds and hundreds of dollars and there is this belief that applying semen or sperm basically to your skin is good for it well the reality is probably pretty far from that are. face day cream japan

face day cream japan

people say well because it contains and house since it's good for the skin I mean marginally but we haven't tested just how much antioxidants are in that are the other thing is people say well it contains a lot of protein well meat contains a lot of protein as

well and we don't necessarily apply to meet to our skin do it and the other thing with semen and sperm is that it contains often well sometimes I guess depending on the company that you keep it can contain sexually transmitted diseases and so chlamydia of your high is not so fine so this is something it's kind of funny once again. face day cream japan

some places have these types of facials but it's not necessarily something that I would use as a beauty product so I hope that this has been education all for you so take a peek subscribe like this video comment and check a look take a look at these other videos we have coming up.