health benefits of broccoli

Broccoli Benefits - Top 12 Health Benefits of Broccoli

top twelve health benefits of broccoli. welcome to our daily health. when looking for a great vegetable either to cook or to eat raw broccoli is one good option. also known as cabbage sprout broccoli belongs to the vegetable family called. calciferous vegetables. which are known to contain sulfur Rafael or a sulfur containing compound.

broccoli was first used by the Romans and only got popular in the nineteen ,twenties ,in ,the ,united states. broccoli is a great option for body conscious individuals because of its rich fiber which is an essential need by those who ,want ,to stay in shape. it is also low in calories but rich in essential vitamins and minerals but what else is broccoli good for. here are the top twelve health benefits of broccoli. number one good for the bodies immunity. when it comes to immunity the presence of antioxidants and the food that we eat is the key.

because of the free radicals brought about by work and life pressures the cells of the body are damaged and deteriorates ,and ,antioxidants ,are ,those molecules.

that stop or neutralize such sail damage. studies show that broccoli contains glucose amine. once eaten this compound is converted during ,digestion ,into ,sofa rafting. which is believed to be a potent antioxidant. sulfur Rafael provides a lot of health benefits such as reducing blood sugar levels the development of chronic diseases regulating cholesterol ,levels and many more. additionally broccoli is also rich in Zeus Anthony and lotion which are believed to prevent cellular damage to the eyes and oxidative stress because of this broccoli proves to be a good booster for human health.

number two a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. broccoli has proven to be a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c. b ,nine ,selenium. potassium. phosphorus magnesium iron and zinc. vitamin c for instance is a key component in the immunity of the body. taking one hundred to two hundred milligrams of vitamin c is proven to prevent infections which may endanger the body's immunity thus eating a half ,cup serving of cooked broccoli. provides eighty four percent of the needed daily intake of vitamin c.

it is a good source of beta keratin carbohydrates protein fat and fiber which are the essentials for good digestion. with all these anybody doesn't have to starve himself to keep in shape and can have his dose of broccoli every day. number three. anti ,inflammatory. would you believe that eating this green head can help your body reduce .inflammation. research on smokers reveals that broccoli showed a significant reduction of inflammation markers.

they found that some bio active compounds in broccoli helped reduce inflammation in the body's tissues while further studies are still to be .conducted. studies in animals showed that broccoli has a flavoring aid .called. chem. Ferrari which was found to demonstrate strong anti inflammatory capacity we all know that reduce inflammation in the body leads to an overall. protective effect.

number ,four ,anti cancer. calciferous vegetables are known to contain cancer fighting compounds called semaphore fan. broccoli for instance is found to help reduce cell damage caused ,by chronic diseases. studies show that including broccoli in one's daily diet helps the body protect from breast and prostate cancer. let's remember that the anti accident properties in Brooklyn help the body get rid of oxidative stress.

other types of cancer that broccoli is good for are gastric stomach bladder renal kidney and collector cancer. number five good in controlling sugar. good ,for diabetics. the anti accident content of broccoli may be related to the regulation of blood sugar ,control ,in ,people ,with diabetes. aside from that the fiber and broccoli also helps because a high intake of dietary fiber showed considerable relation to lower blood sugar. and ,improve ,diabetic control.

numerous studies were conducted involving broccoli. in one study broccoli extract was fed to diabetic breath. the results were incredible as these rats showed decreased blood .sugar. and reduce pancreatic cell damage. some studies concluded that those who consume broccoli sprouts for one month can help decrease insulin resistance in ,people ,with ,type ,two diabetes. number ,six. excellent for heart health.

when talking about heart disease we are dealing with high l.d.l. or bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels which are major risk ,factors ,for heart disease. in order to improve hard health these factors must be .reduced. research showed that powdered broccoli spout supplement showed a significant reduction of triglycerides in l d l cholesterol but an increase in h ,d ,l or good cholesterol.

furthermore the antioxidant properties and the high content of fiber and broccoli also play a big role in the reduction of ,overall ,heart ,attack risks. number ,seven. good for digestion and rich in fiber. as we all know fiber and antioxidants are key components in having a healthy bow movement and a good digestive health. Brooklyn helps the colon have a good number of healthy bacon which can aid in a regular bow movement.

a recent study shows that those who ate broccoli every day were able to defecate more easily than those who do not. number ,eight. aids in brain function. do you also know that broccoli can make your brain healthy. the high semaphore fame content and a potent bio active compound of broccoli also proves to help the brain function after tests show eating broccoli helped in reducing.

oxidization in the brain thus eating a serving of broccoli a day may help in ,mental ,deterioration ,caused ,by aging. in some studies it was found that the pharaoh fan reduced the neural inflammation through a brain injury or toxic exposure in mice. in the same study it was found that a compound in broccoli known as temporal showed an incidence of lowered brain injury and aided in the reduction of neural tissue after a stroke like event. number ,nine.

may help slow the aging process. of course for most women seeing the effects of aging is something we don't want to happen soon. but fret not. broccoli is here to help. because of the stress and abnormal metabolic function aging happens rapidly but because of the safari fame a key component in broccoli ,which ,is a potent antioxidant. the biochemical process of aging is slowed down. number ,ten. may support dental and oral health.

because broccoli is a rich source of vitamin c and calcium it is believed to help in avoiding ,periodontist ,and ,other ,dental diseases. research shows that Katherine and semaphore friend which are found in broccoli. may reduce the risk of oral cancers some also claim that eating the broccoli raw can whiten the teeth and remove flak. number eleven. you can say goodbye to your sun damaged skin. with all the heat that we are experiencing right now treating the skin from within is a must.

broccoli extract is known to have a protective effect on the skin and help renew the skin damaged by the sun. number ,twelve. aid ,in ,healthy pregnancy. broccoli is also rich in vitamin b nine which is also known as fully as you know full weight is an essential nutrient in the fetal brain and spinal cord development.

so a pregnant mother needs to have a daily intake of foliage full aid can ,be ,taken ,through ,synthetic vitamins. or the intake of natural sources of this vitamin. thus a regular intake of this vitamin can ensure a healthy pregnancy. achieve a healthier cognitive development of your baby with broccoli. as you can see broccoli has so many  benefits. while more research is still needed it can't be denied that eating broccoli a day can make your body thank.