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still point but what is the ah for the critical question what is the relationship between physical fitness training amusement efficiency syllabus for this to point ask you to learn about cardio respiratory injuries muscular strength muscle a insurance.

ability and body composition you learn to  go along with these asked you to analyze a relationship between physical fitness and movement efficiency and you're going to do that by considering the question to what degree is fitness i to a performance i also have to learn to measure.

I live in the range of five health related a school related components of physical fitness and you also need to think critically about the purpose and benefits of testing physical fitness okay so health like competitive fitness huh attention got to be

foundational components of fitness these are the ones are going to form the basis for any kind of training for any sport get the athlete ready to fire a normally focused on in the pre season Katie spears her insurance is also night.

Cutting a messenger and or as a very big fitness i just prefer to the body's ability to maintain movement for an extended period of time ah it is essential your heart lungs blood vessels and your muscles overheating together to absorb to live off and

Utilize oxygen in the production of energy which enables you to move ah so in other words it's just how well the cardio respiratory system works which led to in the loss critical question or the color of a spiritual in jersey all about delights

he I it allows for a higher intensity is being retired maintain for long ago when it comes to performance ah i wouldn't you try to measure of cardio respiratory ah insurance how you got to try and use something like a big test all you might do it'd be a two match test

let me have the muscular strength or muscle strength is the maximal amount of force that a muscle group of Jews in one contraption case it i get it confused with muscular insurance muscle strength is one contraction and at the maximal contraction

brightest strength means less effort is needed in order to produce particular movements and to produce a given amount of force i said that we see a beneficial in performance cars you up a saving ought to be exerting yourself at a lower right after I right if a saved

Ah if it were lies closer to fatigue and muscle strength improve improve movement efficiency by the for Tate I can also improve technique and reduce the chances of injury to the athletes our muscles

is measured by doing a one i read one Iran or repetition maximum or you can use as don them over time to do some testing my foot injuries on the other hand is a muscles or a group of muscles ability to repay the specific movement

and I’ve ever again must be injurious is tested using how many times I can perform a specific mood and you know set time a site for example you might do push ups will see off how many can you do in one minute muscle injury injurious improved

ah your body's movement efficiency because they hosted the life or take a particularly the fifth take the fat burning for taking on a very weak system particularly the last stick after build up a said if you have good muscle injuries that lactic acid happy with us

takes longer to happen and that allows you to maintain good posture good technique for a longer period of time mostly in jersey is tested using a range of different tests but eventually you can ask athlete to do as many if something is i candy one minute or until they reach your tastes

how is that up easily like push ups sit ups I must taste open specific to add muscle or muscle groups when he has the flexibility flex ability is the range of motion or movement at your joints and the first your body's ability to move freely AF fleck

he is joined and on muscle group specific ah so if you're flexible and you'll show that doesn't mean you got to be flexible agile he to building helps to prevent injuries ah it it's going to improve your posture is going to decrease back pain maintain healthy joints and

Cruz balance during movement this results in improved movement efficiency i to better by mechanical movements or you know the measure of flexibility you might use something like a sit and reach test but as I say they tests will be specific to the joint body composition if the different tastes

talks that make up a person's body and usually focuses on a person's percentage body fat that can be used to determine by muscle and water composition percentages of slow down buddy composition is sports specific as well as site or less

that means that you have less white to move around a allow you to move for longer periods such as the mass on all allows you to each other like pasta and things like the one hundred meter sprint or in football I haven't but you might want to lodge a mass mess because that means you're hot. Always come to to read good articles like this.