Causes and treatment of hair White



hi,this is a structure of we wake.

and in this post we will talk about widening off here.we all don't want the white here,we all want to look young and beautiful,right?so in this post,we will try to understand the causes and the treatment.also.the first cause of the grain of the hair are whitening of the hair means the hair is losing its for this.we have heard that the cause is lack of vitamins and biotin and many other we have to start taking

i don't agree with it.if you study more deeper into it,you will take a deep dig into it,then you will understand that this is because of your gut health,your gut.or direction is not healthy,that's why you are lacking on these,better first,to treat your gut.and you correct your digestive system,then you can go for these stuff,or try to get all these stuff from the food that you see,eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle.this is must.without this,you can't treat any of your health issues,so first is the healthy lifestyle for sure.and the second is treating your,how to treat your gut?if you're having.

the whitening of the hair for this,what you have to do is just start taking the probiotics. even i will not recommend directly to go for the medical stores.or the.ills are the tablets to buy the probiotics. you can take it from the yogurt rich it,this will help you to gain the maximum healthy probiotics. yes,for sure,the yogurt should be organic.this is the first thing,and.if you have,then you can go for you also,if is also very good to have a healthy this is no for a recommendation.that second thing,what you can do to get in healthy gut as use of trial.

what is true flat?i haven't whole post about this,i'll put the link down below in a simple and understanding its and herbal product mixture of three fruits.that's all how to.take it for a healthy gut one teaspoon two times in a day thirty minutes after food tablets two tablets two times in a day thirty minutes after food so this is the first treatment if you are having grain or whitening of your let's move towards the second course.the second cause is related to the stress in our life.yes,if we will have more stress in our life then this.

for sure will cause the whitening,the grain of our why does the stress causes whitening of the hair?it is.because if our body will be in stress,it will produce more hydrogen peroxide.especially the glands that are above the kidneys the adrenal glands they'll be stressed the body will produce more hydrogen peroxide ,and ,the hydrogen peroxide .makes.

the hair, if you don't want this you have to have less stress in your life for this you have to start working on yourself.this is the first medicine.don't think that there is any magical pill that you will take and stressful to go out of your's not,so you have to start working on's like.fight among yourself the internal fight,and you have to remove this stress from your life in the hope that will make you strong while you will start resolving the problem or the stress from your life.

this is from me.rami,it is found all over the world in tablets and the powder form.i have the whole post about this,if you are interested,the link will be in the description box.around me,how to take two tablets two times in a day,empty stomach,or if the powder one teaspoon two times in a day,empty stomach,this will help making your nervous system stronger.this is what you need.the second thing,what you can do is use of vitamin e.vitamin e also decreases the.hydrogen peroxide from our body,i don't say,just rush to the medical store and buy it.i suggest you,if you buy,buy and whole complex of vitamin,you can easily get it from the food that you eat.vitamin rich foods are green,leafy vegetables,very rich in vitamin e.second thing are the nuts,all kinds of nuts.they are very rich.seeds are very rich in the vitamin e,so eat more seats,nuts.

green vegetables,you will get lots of vitamin e,and you will not have white or gray hair.the reason that you might have heard of,so it's because of lack of melanocytes in our body,means your body is not making lots of melanin.what is melanin?melanin is a component that gives color to our skin,to our eyes.and two power,why our body is lacking in is because of the age,also,as we age,the melanin decreases in our body.and some people,the life cycle of this melon is comparison to the another person,but we all want to look beautiful and younger,so we have to control this life cycle.we have to increase the span of this life cycle.

now,how to do this?for this,you have to consume the enzyme that makes more melanin.and this enzyme is known as trio sign is you have to have more enzyme in your body,and your body will make more melanin and will increase the lifespan of the melanin in our this enzyme you can get from mushroom,

i'm not trying to eat kilograms of mushrooms every day,a little have to consume,plus you have to have a healthy gut.also,this is very important.this is the first reason,as i have described in the.starting so don't forget this and plus you can go with the mushrooms also also what you can do is eating the food that is a little bit rich in copper also because if you have good amount of copper in your body your body.

will have this enzyme in a healthy can eat more olives,you can eat more seafood,and any kind of seafood,and plus for sure, do this,and it will help you stay happy. Stay tuned to for the latest Articles.